Blog Review - This Blog was created since September 2018. Discuss about tips, tricks, tutorials and a variety of techniques that can be applied in everyday life.

Tips n Technique is an extension of the Tips and Techniques. Both of these names combined, where each of these words have meaning and the meaning of its own.

The purpose of Tips n Technique is to provide useful education for the people. Where we know that now is the era of internet, even small children already have a smartphone. Therefore, from the openness of this access, Tips n Technique to give more points for the readers. Especially about the various tips and knowledge.

This Blog uses the wordpress platform as a medium for blogging, because according to the owner, he is accustomed to using the platform which is used by majority of bloggers around the world. In addition, wordpress also has a lot of advantages that are not owned other platforms, such as easy use, no need to bother learning coding (html), all live plug and play!

The Theme of the blog is very simple and simple, because according to the owner, he wants to give priority to the speed of the website. Where we know that visitors don't like slow website. Moreover, if opened more than 5 seconds. Certainly visitors will immediately press the back button!

If seen how it looks, indeed this blog is very simple, but it is the simplicity that makes it look elegant. The most important thing is, this blog give priority to good user experience. In the era of the modern internet, the convenience of readers is the main thing, besides the content too, of course.

Useless if the look is very rich and interesting, but make the visitors difficulty to access because the loading is too long. Moreover, if the article is not there quality. Certainly readers will be very disappointed and will not return again to the blog.

That's why this blog is the emphasis on simplicity, but still attractive and elegant.

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